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get more closet spaceEveryone needs to get the most out of their closet space! Here are a few ideas on how to do just that.

With the weather being so cold as of late, most of our focus is now on the inside of our house and one of the most important parts (but usually the least mentioned) is our closets.

Clothes go in, but do they always come out?

If that is your problem and whether it be a bedroom closet, hall closet or even a linen closet, how can you get the most of your closet space?

What you should do first is sort through your closets! If you haven’t worn it in a year or two (there must be a reason why you haven’t worn it) or you are holding onto it until you fit into it, get rid of it!

Even if you are hoping the style will come back in time, chances are it will, but when styles come back usually they are altered slightly in some way.

This is a perfect time to give to charity or in the case of kids’ clothes being too small, pass them along to a family that can use them.

The saying that ‘less is more’ certainly does apply in this situation because if an article of clothing is stuck in the back somewhere, chances are you will forget about it and forget to wear it.

After sorting out your clothes, shoes or linens and deciding what can be donated or even trashed, you can go ahead and break your clothes, shoes and even linens down into groups as to the season.

Even linens can be broken down this way because if you are like me, you have quite a little bit of seasonal linens such as Christmas table clothes and towels. You can put the off season clothing, shoes and linens towards the back of your closet and switch them when the time is right.

When it comes to racks and rods, the best way to maximize closet space is to have two rods, one above the other. Since pants (folded over a hanger), skirts and jackets are short, you can use the extra space for more.

This system is usually called “double hung” and the proper hardware can be picked most big box stores and hardware stores. While this is good for shorter items, clothing such as women’s dresses and longer skirts should be hung on a single, higher rod.

You may want to put in a couple of narrow shelves that you can store sweaters, wicker baskets for accessories such as scarves or incorporate a cubby system for pairs of shoes, a lot of fort worth custom home builders do this and they say it really adds value to the home.

Hooks on the side of the closet wall work well for things such as purses and smallish bags or even scarves, so that they are at your fingertips.

Children’s clothing should be hung on a low placed rod that is easy for the child to reach and as in an adult’s clothes closet; you will want to have shelves.

Hooks inside the closet and outside are good because they can be used for bags and housecoats and the like. For both an adult and child’s closet you will want to also maximize the floor space.

Look for shoe racks for your shoes or plastic bins to store toys and off season clothing.

It may seem like a daunting task, but if you do a little bit of sorting and storing a little bit at a time, it will be done in no time!

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fix a leaky faucetOffbeat Article about DIY.

If you are fortunate (unfortunate), enough to find yourself with some time to consider a bit of home improvement, or under pressure to carry out, what appears to be a minor repair, then it is possibly best to consider more…………a lot more!?

How can it be that ‘a bit of diy’, is usually far more and within the tap of a hammer, or a turn of a wrench, all hell can break loose!

For example, I remember a phone call from my father, who had inadvertently cut through an electric cable! What appeared to be an unsightly and innocuous length of wire, which should have been removed years ago, was in-fact an integral part of my parents electric supply!

Having survived over forty years in the building trade, with just a few scary encounters, my father wasn’t really that affected by his potentially shocking experience; however he was somewhat annoyed that the fibers on the top of his slippers were charred!

To follow in my fathers diy footsteps, is really quite an indescribable experience. I tend to prefer water to electric, though I wouldn’t say that one is any less unpredictable than the other! A dripping tap was to lead to several rather bizarre twists and turns, which I could have done without on what should have been, a relaxing weekend.

Logically, it would seem appropriate to call out a plumber, however we were still recovering from our last encounter with a heating engineer, who thought installing and maintaining heating systems, was comparable to guiding a space shuttle to land on an undiscovered planet, in a different solar system in some unmapped star registry, with the aid of just a scientific calculator and a packet of wine gums!

The mood was not improved, when the engineer was ignorant enough to remark that my heavily pregnant and therefore very swollen girlfriend, “looked like a man”!

I eventually found myself trawling the Internet for a diy guide to changing a washer on a mixer tap. The instructions, along with a video guide, presented by a man in a suitably wise beard, seemed quite easy and I thought, “why not, it’s got to be worth a try”!

Fortunately, there were two isolation valves on the hot and cold feeds to the taps, so in the event that I should totally mess up, I would be saved by the valves.

After dismantling the tap, I discovered that one of the rubber rings, which controlled the water flow, was broken, so it appeared to be a straight forward repair.

The problems started, when I found myself visiting six diy shops, in search of a rubber O-ring, which proved to be as illusive and destructive as its namesake, in the sequel to the hobbit! It seems that the whole mixer tap was a bizarre, generic product, which was imported from overseas and only ever designed for a one off installation.

Following attempts to use several, slightly larger, slightly smaller, slightly wider and slightly thinner o-rings, which involved removing and re-instating the mixer tap numerous times, I eventually started to rage with anger. Following several swear words, and a long period of sporting a red face, complete with bulging eyes, I did what any true professional would do; I gave up!

A second plumber was eventually called and to my girlfriend’s relief, he was a really nice man. He took a quick look at what was once an elegant swan neck shaped mixer tap and said “ere”, “ooh”, “it’s all bent”!

My girlfriend, who had been tasked with receiving the plumber, in order to save my embarrassment, tried to keep a straight face, as she attempted to pass off the severely vandalized mixer tap, as “having always looked misshapen”, although it was difficult to disguise such destruction!

There are many things in life, which are worth trying once, some of them several times, but diy is one of those joy’s, which are worth delaying and for as long as possible!

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water damage in houseWater damage can really detract from the aesthetics of your home. Learn how to easily repair this damage with ease.

If you own a home for an extended period of time you will likely have to deal with a leaky roof eventually.

Even if you carefully inspect your roof on a regular basis leaks can still pop up on occasion.

Learning how to repair your ceiling will be an important skill to master in order to keep your home looking its best.

Before you waste your time trying to fix the ceiling, make sure the leak that caused the damage has been fixed. You will also need to wait until the ceiling has had enough time to thoroughly dry.

If for some reason you don’t want to do all of this yourself, or you have a much bigger water damage problem, then try the Water Damage Doctor in Houston TX. They really know what they are doing and are actually affordable.

And although I’m pretty good at doing a lot of DIY projects, pluming is NOT my strong suit. But you MUST fix the cause before going any further with this.

When you ceiling is ready you can use the edge of a standard putty knife to scrape away the damaged drywall. Take your time with this process. You want to make sure you get all of the damaged material, but you don’t want to cause additional damage in the process.

Fill the hole with drywall putty. Allow the putty to dry according to the directions on the product. When the ceiling is dry you can use sandpaper to even out the surface. If necessary, reapply the drywall putty and repeat the sanding process.

Before you paint over the damaged area in your ceiling, coat it with a layer of primer. This will keep any staining from seeping through the final coat of paint. There are special primers that have less odor and they are great for interior work.

After your primer has had sufficient time to dry you can complete your repair project by applying a final coat of paint.

Tip: If the damaged area in your ceiling is particularly big you should invest in a drywall repair kit instead of using drywall putty. The process is similar, but the end results will be far superior.

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relaxing bedroomIdeally, your bedroom should be one of the calmest and most relaxing rooms in your home. Unfortunately, instead of being a relaxing and comforting retreat, many people’s bedrooms become cluttered, crowded and overused living spaces. If your bedroom isn’t providing you with the serene and peaceful atmosphere that you crave, here are a few tips to simplify and streamline your bedroom area.

Assessing Your Space

Before giving your bedroom an overhaul, take the time to really look at your bedroom. Pay special attention to how you are currently utilizing the space. If you’re like many people, you might find that you’re actually using your bedroom space in a very inefficient fashion.

Take careful measurements of all the walls and closet areas, paying special attention to architectural details such as window and door positions.

It can be quite helpful to sketch the layout of the room onto graph paper, which will make it easier to plan furniture moves without actually lugging heavy furniture around the room. Once you’ve got a good idea of what you have to work with, you’ll be better prepared to make some enhancements.

Assessing Your Needs

Although you might wish you had a spacious bedroom that you could transform into a serene retreat, it’s important to give some thought as to how you really need to use the space. For example, although experts usually advise against putting desks and computer equipment in the bedroom,

Sometimes you might not have a different option. Think about how you’re currently using your bedroom space, as well as how you want to use it in the future. If you really don’t have any other office space options in your room, it might be necessary to leave your desk and computer in the bedroom.

In order to minimize the disruptive influence of your computer equipment, try separating your work area from your sleeping area with a folding screen or a full height bookcase.

It’s also important to think about other things you’d like to do in the bedroom. For example, you’ll need good lighting if you regularly read in your bedroom. If you enjoy listening to music to relax, you’ll want to make sure to have a good sound system.

Although many people find the sound and sight of a television to be jarring and distracting in the bedroom, you might personally enjoy watching an occasional television show while in bed.

Making accommodations for the bedroom features you really want and enjoy while eliminating clutter and other distractions are the main keys to creating a relaxing bedroom environment. And it also lets you sell house fast Houston.

Choose the Right Colors

The colors you use in your bedroom are certainly a personal choice. However, some color choices such as vivid red, orange and yellow tend to add too much energy and visual excitement to the bedroom. If you’d like to add a more relaxing look to the room, cool and neutral shades often work best.

Once you’ve used relaxing colors for the primary areas of the room such as the walls and floor, you can spice things up a bit visually with a few accessories in bold shades if desired. The end result will be a relaxing bedroom that still has plenty of style.

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