tiled bathroom floor

How to Tile Your Floor

tiled bathroom floorIt is easy to tile your floors with adhesive backed tiles. You can update your floors and save money by doing it yourself.

Installing 9″ and 12″ floor tiles have become relatively easy of late because of the self stick backings and easy to apply adhesive. Get the self stick tiles and see how easy it can be to update your floors and save a bundle of money.

Make sure the surface floor to which the tiles will be attached is clean and smooth. Level any low spots with filler. If the floor is made up of strips or planks, you should add an underlay of plywood, leveled and attached firmly.

Find the square footage of the room by multiplying the length by the width. Add 5% for extra tiles you may need for mistakes or odd shapes that will need to be cut.

Determine the midpoints of the width and the length, and snap a calk line between each of the opposing sides. Make sure that the line intersects at right angles. Lay the tiles out to dry in one area, starting at the chalk intersection, and adjust the border rows so that each will have the same width.

If the tiles are self adhering, simply remove the protective backing and put the tiles down, starting at the intersection of the calk lines. Carefully cut around any cable conduit. If you are laying the tiles in adhesive, follow the instructions on the container.

Work in small areas and butt the joints tightly together.

Bold-solid and composition tiles are cut with a utility knife. Use a straightedge to keep the cutting lines even.

Cut a template piece from cardboard to fit around pipes or basins. Adjust it to fit before transferring the shape to tile. Work slowly and carefully especially on any lines that curve.

After the tiles are set in place, use a floor roller or even a rolling pin to firmly bond the tiles and cement. Work the roller in both directions.

Clean off any excessive adhesive as soon as possible, using the directions on the adhesive container as a guide.

And that’s it! You’re done. Now sit back and enjoy your new floor.

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